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The County of Warner oversees Ridge Park Campground and Chin Park Campground. For general questions and concerns please contact the Agricultural Service Board at 403-642-2255. 

Ridge Park Campground
Opening May 13, 2024, weather permitting!
Ridge Park Campground is located on the south shore of the Milk River Ridge Reservoir, about 20 minutes from the Town of Raymond.
Phone: 403-642-2255
Instagram: @camp.ridgepark
Facebook: Camp Ridge Park
The 2024 Ridge Park Campground Brochure is Coming Soon! Final updates are being made due to the newest expansion!

Chin Park Campground
Opening May 1, 2024, weather permitting!
Chin Park Campground is located on the south shore of the Chin Reservoir, about 15 minutes from the Town of Taber.
Phone: 403-642-2255
See below for the 2024 Chin Park Campground Brochure.

East Bay
The area is looked after through mowing and monitoring, but does not have any amenities. There is no charge, but registration keeps track of the number of people utilizing the area.
Phone: 403-642-2255

Gold Springs Campground
Gold Springs Campground is not operated by the County of Warner.
It is located 10 km north of the Canada/US border. It has a variety of amenities such as powered camping sites, rental cabins, showers, water slides, stage, paddle boats, and more!
For more information please visit their website.