Rural  Addressing


Your rural address is intended to be used to assist emergency services to find your location.  Please read information below.


*** Residents are urged not to use their Rural Address as a shipping address due to most shipping company's decision not to deliver out in rural areas.  Please confirm prior to having any item delivered to a rural address that the company will indeed deliver to that address.  The County cannot provide documents indicating proof of residency if asked for by the shipper.  ***


 Please feel free to contact the County administration office

for more information or if you have questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to Determine Your Address


Find Your Address

Use the links below to find your Rural Municipal Address.

The following may contain errors or omissions.  If you have questions regarding a missing occupied residential address or an address in error please contact the GIS/GPS Coordinator at 403-624-3635


Twp1 Rge11

Twp2 Rge11

Twp3 Rge11

Twp4 Rge14

Twp5 Rge15

Twp6 Rge15

Twp7 Rge15

Twp1 Rge12

Twp2 Rge12

Twp3 Rge12

Twp4 Rge15

Twp5 Rge16

Twp6 Rge16

Twp7 Rge16

Twp1 Rge13

Twp2 Rge13

Twp3 Rge13

Twp4 Rge16

Twp5 Rge17

Twp6 Rge17

Twp7 Rge17

Twp1 Rge14

Twp2 Rge14

Twp3 Rge14

Twp4 Rge17

Twp5 Rge18

Twp6 Rge18

Twp7 Rge18

Twp1 Rge15

Twp2 Rge15

Twp3 Rge15

Twp4 Rge18

Twp5 Rge19

Twp6 Rge19 NW 

Twp7 Rge19

Twp1 Rge16

Twp2 Rge16

Twp3 Rge16

Twp4 Rge19

Twp5 Rge20

Twp6 Rge19 NE

Twp7 Rge20

Twp1 Rge17

Twp2 Rge17

Twp3 Rge17

Twp4 Rge20

Twp5 Rge21

Twp6 Rge19 SW 

Twp7 Rge21

Twp1 Rge18

Twp2 Rge18

Twp3 Rge18

Twp6 Rge19 SE 

Twp3 Rge19

Twp6 Rge20 NW 

Twp3 Rge20

Twp6 Rge20 NE

Twp6 Rge20 SW 

Twp6 Rge20 SE 

Twp6 Rge21