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Agriculture Service Board

The County of Warner Agriculture Service Shop is located just outside of the Village of Warner, on the same location as the Public Works Shop  As you come into Warner, turn right onto the old Highway 4 just before the railroad tracks.  Take the second right and you will see the ASB Shop and the Public Works Shop on your left.

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Hours of Operation
7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Monday through Thursday
403-642-2255 or 1-866-642-2221

Ag FieldmanJamie Meeks
Assistant Ag FieldmanCathy Preston
Weed Inspector/Ag TechnicianLarry Popson
Agriculture Extension SpecialistBrad Calder
ASB Foreman/OperatorJeff LePage
AG/Conservation TechJames Wills

The County of Warner, in its objective to promote and develop agricultural policies that will meet the needs of the municipality, has constituted an Agricultural Service Board to advise and assist with respect to improving the economic welfare and sustainability of the agricultural community. 

All Councillors serve on the Agricultural Service Board.  The Agricultural Service Board, through consultation with local ratepayers, the local Salinity Survey and a Strategic Planning session, have identified the following goals:

Crop Protection:  to enhance crop production through monitoring, control and eradication of agricultural weeds and pests. 

Soil and Water Management:  to enhance soil and water conditions and biodiversity for increased crop production and wildlife habitat in the County 

General Management Plan:  to have discretionary agriculture related service(s) which is responsive to the needs of County residents.

A.S.B. Operations:  to increase efficiency and effectiveness through revised management systems of timing, scheduling and utilization of staff and equipment.

Grain Bag & Twine Recycling Pilot Program: The Agricultural Service Board now accepts grain bags and twine.

       - Grain bags must be empty, clean, tightly rolled and tied.

       - Twine must be clean, loosely placed in Cleanfarms recycling bags or bulk tote bags

     You must schedule a drop off time in advance by calling 403-642-2255, so that staff and equipment are available.