The County requires all open burning to have a fire permit. This does not include burning barrels. If you wish to have an open fire, at any time, a fire permit is required.  If you do not obtain a permit before starting a fire and the fire department responds to a report of a fire, you will be charged for the call.  A fine may also be levied. To obtain a permit, please call your nearest fire chief. If the nearest fire chief is unavailable, the permit must be obtained from the County of Warner at the following:

County Office 


Coutts Fire Department 

Mark Stanford: 406-335-2534 (H), 403-642-7599 (C), 403-344-4512(W)

Jan Johnson - 403-344-0008 (H), 403-642-7072 (C)


Masinasin Fire Department  

Dave Erickson:  Cell:  403-642-7664, 403-647-2289 (H)

Byron Wehlage - Cell:  647-2340 (H), 403-421-0069



Milk River Fire Department

 Mark Thompson

 Cell: 403-642-7901



Raymond Fire Department

Doug Holt - Cell:  403-330-5549

Randy Olsen - 403-635-0416


Stirling Fire Department

Thomas Hodder - Cell:  403-635-2057

Fax:  403-756-2117


Scott Foss - Cell:  403-380-9118


Janice Hodder - Cell:  403-635-2157


Warner Fire Department

  Rick Carlson 403-642-3831 (Work); 403-642-7155 (cell)

Jason Jones - Cell:  403-642-7778


Wrentham Fire Department

  David Nilsson - Cell: 403-635-7241 (Cell)

Kim Owen


For the complete text of the Fire Permit and Burning Bylaw, please click here