For all Enforcement Concerns


(including animal control)




Email:  cpo@raymond.ca




Barking Dog Complaint Form





The County has a bylaw which regulates and controls animals within the County.


Animal Control Bylaw





The County requires all open burning to have a fire permit. This does not include burning barrels. If you wish to have an open fire, at any time, a fire permit is required. 


 If you do not obtain a permit before starting a fire and the fire department responds to a report of a fire, you will be charged for the call.  A fine may also be levied.


To obtain a permit, please call your nearest fire chief.





Coutts Fire Department 

Mark Stanford: 406-335-2534 (H), 403-642-7599 (C), 403-344-4512(W)

Jan Johnson - 403-344-0008 (H), 403-642-7172 (C)

Masinasin Fire Department  

Dave Erickson:  Cell:  403-642-7664, 403-647-2289 (H)

Byron Wehlage:  403-647-2340, 403-421-0069 (C)

Milk River Fire Department

 Mark Thompson :   Cell: 403-642-7901


Raymond Fire Department

Doug Holt - Cell:  403-330-5549 , 403-752-3908 (H)

Stirling Fire Department

Thomas Hodder - Cell:  403-635-2058

Scott Foss:  Cell 403-380-9118

Warner Fire Department

  Rick Carlson 403-642-3831 (Work); 403-642-7155 (cell)

Jason Jones - Cell:  403-642-7778

Wrentham Fire Department

  David Nilsson - Cell: 403-635-7241 (Cell)

Kim Owen - Deputy


For the complete text of the Fire Permit and Burning Bylaw, please click here




Most permits can be obtained through TRAVIS (1-800-662-7138)






The County has a bylaw concerning unsightly premises within the County.  If you have a concern that a property may be considered unsightly, please contact the County Administrator or the Community Peace Officer. You may also express your concerns in writing to:

County of Warner No. 5
Att:  Administrator
Box 90, Warner, AB  T0K 2L0

email:  shathaway@warnercounty.ca



The complete text of the Unsightly Premises Bylaw can be read by clicking here

Civic Address Bylaw

The complete text of the Civic Address Bylaw can be read by
clicking here